How To Lose Weight And Get In Shape At Home


Is it possible to learn how to lose weight and get in shape at home?

Do you know that awful feeling of anxiety when you must try something new? New situations can bring up feelings of caution, terror, and worry. It’s no wonder we sometimes avoid new things and trying something different. Since we don’t know what to expect with something new, we want to protect ourselves and those around us from something we can’t control. These feelings can leave you feeling trapped because you may be afraid to move out of your comfort zone. Perhaps, this is why you will feel better learning how to lose weight and get in shape at home.

Of course, there could be other reasons, like money, family, or other limitations. But, this is okay. In fact, it is best to learn these things at home so that you can have continued success. Establishing healthy habits at home is difficult but a worthy venture. You will be able to conquer past mistakes and move forward with victory as accomplish your fitness goals.

In my home the fridge is front and center. Being a stay at home mom, I walk past it a hundred times a day. Learning to reign in bad habits and control myself was hard, but not impossible. I learned a few tricks to help me focus on being fit and healthy. I was so surprised when I lost a pants size from taking action and being consistent with my health habits.

How To Lose Weight And Get In Shape At Home

Use time. Time is very valuable and if you use it properly, you can gain more headway. Take 10 minutes a week and plan nutritious meals and snacks. This will also spell out your grocery list for you. This 10 minutes a week will benefit you very well if you are consistent. Once you have your meals planned, stick to them.

Time for you. Make sure you spend at least a half hour to an hour on yourself everyday. Establish a morning routine that includes exercise, meditation, and goal evaluation. That way you are taking action towards your goals.

Time for sleep. Plan a bedtime routine to help you relax and get ready for dreaming. Sleep is essential for being healthy and fit.

Time your meals. Set a specific time for you to eat your meals and snacks. That way you aren’t grazing all day and eating throughout the evening.

How To See Fast Results With Getting Rid Of Belly Fat


Is it possible to see fast results with getting rid of belly fat? Yes, but it requires an extreme change on your part. You can do sit-ups and crunches until your face is purple, but if there is belly fat covering all of the muscle you are building, you are never going to see it! Working out is great and does help to burn fat calories, but watching what you eat is key to getting rid of belly fat.

I know this maybe what you didn’t want to hear. I love food and I love eating it, so this isn’t the greatest news for me either. But, when I decided to focus on losing the belly pooch, it was so exciting to see results and my abs!

Our bodies need food and in this day and age, we are so lucky and blessed to have it readily available everywhere we look. There are so many delicious choices that it makes your head spin. With genius advertising, it is difficult to sort through what is healthy and good for you and what is not. Even though we all know that fresh fruits and veggies are what we should be eating, it is not always easy.

There are certain foods you should avoid and certain foods that you should eat. Don’t worry, we’ll make this easy. Let’s face it, it if isn’t an easy change, it isn’t going to happen or last.

How To See Fast Results With Getting Rid Of Belly Fat
Foods You Should Avoid:
Sugar filled foods like; Desserts, treats, candies, and goodies
Sugar filled beverages like; soda pop, energy drinks, fruit juices
Refined foods like; white bread, white rice, white pasta and tortillas
Fatty foods like; deep fried food, foods cooked in saturated fats

Don’t be scared by this list. You only need to cut out these foods for two weeks. You can do anything for 2 weeks. You will be amazed at how much energy you will have without the fatty foods bringing you down and the high’s and low’s of food with sugar.

After a week, your body will not crave sugar as much. It really is a nice feeling of relief. When I experienced this, I no longer had and argument in head about how much dessert to eat, or if I should eat it. I already knew it was off limits and it was freeing to not be weighed down by food temptations controlling me.

Once the 2 weeks is up, be moderate in adding these foods back in. Only eat them on the weekends and in small amounts.

Foods You Should Devour:
100% Whole Grains like; brown rice, whole wheat breads and pasta
Fruits and veggies; fresh is preferable, but canned or bottled is okay.
Foods high in protein like; fish, seafood, eggs, lean meats, and legumes
Water, water, and more water

Think of fruits and veggies as easy to go snacks, because they are. Most of them come with their own packaging. They are portable and easy to take and eat on the go.

If there is one thing of the many suggestions above that you do, choose to cut out sugar. The fastest way to get rid of that belly fat is cutting out the sugar and extra carbs